As it's name says, is a beach full of fine sand. Many times regarding the weather you will see huge sand hills. There are few trees for shade, you should be an early morning guy to get a shade. The view is extraordinary and people all over the world come to Patmos to get Psili Ammos. There is only a tavern with the absolutely basics to eat and drink. You can go walking from the path or take a daily boat from Skala or Lampi. Definitely a beach you have to visit.

Terrain: Fine sand.

The beach is ideal for singles, couples, group of friends, nature lovers and naturists.

Scroll down to see the video on how the path looks like.


Extra tips:

  1. The beach is also known as nudist beach.
  2. If you choose to get the path for the beach, prefer not to walk by the midday.
  3. The path is about 20 to 30 minutes walk, wear sports shooes, hat and get a bottle of cold water with you.

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