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phoca thumb l 20140802 110953 3

Patmos is a small island in the northernmost part of Dodecanese complex in Greece. It' s population does not exceed the 3.000 people (about 800 residents for winter!). Patmos has a natural beauty and peacefulness that you can feel from the first hours of your visit. It' s the ideal island for people who want to wake up in the morning, view the extraordinary scenery (from any accommodation or house) they live in Patmos and forget the wretched gray color of concrete and annoying sounds of corns and motors.



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phoca thumb l 20140813 132840

Patmos is mostly known for the monastery of Saint John. The monastery built in 1088 A.D. by Reverend Osios Christodoulos in honor of Saint John the Theologian (also known as: John of Patmos)

The book of Revelation**

When Saint John was exiled at island of Patmos had a vision from Jesus, where he had the order to write all of he heard and saw in a book, the book of revelation. The book of revelation written in 95 A.D.

**also known as: apokalypsis, Book of the Revelation of Saint John the Divine, Apocalypse of John, Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, Revelation to be continued...

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